SOS Ottawa Research Report the Wreck of the Weehawk 2009

From the shore an onlooker can see the exposed, rusty skeleton of a sunken ship, jutting out from the Gallop Canal at the entrance of what was referred to as Lock 28. Lock 28, now buried, is located at the end of Gallop Canal road in the township of Edwardsburg/Cardinal, Ontario. All that remains of this ship is half of the hull, mostly composed of wood and iron, tipped over on its side. This well known and popular dive site is visited by scuba divers who often choose to drift with the current via Lock 27 to a secondary dive site known as the Conestoga about 500 meters east down river. What kind of ship was it? How did it get there in the first place? This is the story of the wreck of the Weehawk.