Marine Heritage Award

There are many individuals involved with marine heritage but it was recognized that there were a select few who were dedicated to the point that some special recognition was in order. To that end, SOS has an award which is presented yearly to an individual who dedicated a special effort to marine heritage conservation. The SOS Award is normally presented at the annual SOS Marine Heritage Forum. The master copy with each awarded person’s name engraved on it is on display in the SOS Head Office or a designated location, and a personalized Plaque is given to each recipient.

To date the SOS Award for Marine Heritage Preservation has been presented to the following individuals:

1981 Audry Rushbrook and Barbara Carson
1982 Stan McClellan
1983 Peter Engelbert
1984 Fred Gregory
1985 Rick Jackson
1986 Bill McNeil
1987 Dr. Richard Wright (posthumously)
1988 Natalie Parsons
1989 Richard Tatley
1990 not given
1991 The Ontario Heritage Foundation
1992 Dr. Patricia Ryan (posthumously)
1993 not given
1994 not given
1995 Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston
1996 POW - Preserve Our Wrecks - Kingston
1997 Town of Leamington
1998 not given
1999 not given
2000 not given
2001 not given
2002 not given
2003 not given
2004 not given
2005 not given
2006 Ministry of Culture in recognition of new legislation and regulations to further protect marine heritage
2007 not given
2008 Robert Grenier – Leadership in Canadian and International Underwater Archaeology
2009 Rick Neilson & Walter Lewis – Database Compilation of Nautical Records
2010 Paul Carroll
2011 not given
2012 Peter Rindlisbacher – Artistic Contribution to Marine Heritage
2013 Cris Kohl