Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NAVWARN# Comment
Fred Mercur09/14/2021RemovedC-1625-21Conical buoy removed for the winter.
Olive Branch09/07/2021CheckedNW-C-1548-21
Katie Eccles09/07/2021CheckedNW-C-1549-21
Annie Falconer09/07/2021Checked NW-C-1547-21
Muscallonge (stern)08/14/2021DeployedRegular SPAR buoy is back at the surface for summer season.
Lyman Davis08/09/2021MissingC-1339-21 - 2021-08-091712 Aug 9th, 2021: Apparently the spar buoy, mooring pennant, ballast chain, and mooring line are missing, and the 5,000lb mooring block was dragged some distance along the bottom. SOS Toronto Chapter is offering a $100 reward for the return of this buoy & tackle. Contact [email protected] to claim.
Henry C. Daryaw (north)07/26/2021Deployed
Henry C. Daryaw (south)07/26/2021Deployed

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