Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NOTSHIP# Comment
Muscallonge (bow)06/01/2019DeployedSPAR buoy deployed.
Muscallonge (stern)06/01/2019DeployedSPAR buoy deployed.
Kinghorn (bow)06/01/2019DeployedSPAR buoy with light deployed.
Kinghorn (stern)06/01/2019NotbuoyedLine is still at the bottom for now. No jug or nothing at surface.
George Finnie05/30/2019DeployedNW-C-1000-19buoy deployed for summer 2019
Niagara05/30/2019DeployedNW-C-1001-19Buoy deployed for summer 2019
C. B. Benson05/18/2019DeployedNW-C-0815-19Deployed for season
Stone Wreck – JG McGrath05/18/2019DeployedNW-C-0817-19Buoy deployed for summer 2019
Carlingford05/18/2019DeployedNW-C-0816-19Buoy deployed for summer 2019
Fred Mercur05/18/2019DeployedNW-C-0829-19Conical buoy deployed by John Mondoux and Wayne Fortier from Seaway Valley Divers on May 18, 2019.

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