Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NAVWARN# Comment
Kinghorn (stern)07/13/2020DeployedNW-C-1078-20
Carlingford07/10/2020Deployed20 liter yellow jug installed on Carlingford for 2020 season. Lake Erie buoys will not be installed this year due to Covid.
Eastcliffe Hall07/06/2020DeployedNW-C-1043-20Spar buoy deployed by Ron McDonald from Seaway Valley Divers.
Henry C. Daryaw (north)06/29/2020DeployedC-0974-20
Henry C. Daryaw (south)06/29/2020DeployedC-0974-20
Lillie Parsons06/29/2020DeployedC-0973-20
Robert Gaskin, Bow Mooring06/29/2020DeployedC-0971-20
Robert Gaskin, Stern Mooring06/29/2020DeployedC-0971-20
Muscallonge (bow)06/29/2020DeployedC-0972-20
Muscallonge (stern)06/29/2020DeployedC-0972-20

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