Site NameC. B. Benson

  • Location:

    near Port Colborne / N42°46'15" W79°14'34"

  • Site ID:


  • Organization:

    Niagara Divers Assn

  • Record Date:

    May 30,2003

  • Wreck Type:


  • Rig:

    3 masted

  • Length:


  • Hull Material:


  • Body of Water:

    Lake Erie

  • Depth min:


  • Depth max:


  • Current:

    No Current

  • Buoy Type:


  • Line Type:

    Polypro - twist

  • Line Size:


  • Buoy Anchor Type:

    Cement - Large

  • SOS Plaque:


  • Notes:

    Mooring block is off bow. 6.6NM/176T Port Colborne, 17.5NM/15.2T Dunkirk

  • Description:

    Lost in storm October 14, 1893

Buoy Status Updates

Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NOTSHIP# Comment
C. B. Benson18/06/2020Deployedsmall white jug replaced with 20 liter yellow jug
C. B. Benson17/05/2020UpdatedWhite jug deployed on line for 2020 season. Buoy will not be deployed this summer due to Covid-19/
C. B. Benson10/10/2019RemovedNW-C-2503-19Removed for winter season. Will replace spring 2020
C. B. Benson18/05/2019DeployedNW-C-0815-19Deployed for season
C. B. Benson01/10/2017RemovedC2494/17Buoy removed for winter season. Will reinstall in spring. 25 liter yellow jug left as winter marker.

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