Site NameHoward

  • Location:

    Victoria Island / N48°4'51" W89°21'46"

  • Site ID:

  • Organization:

    SOS Superior

  • Record Date:
    February 24, 2018
  • Wreck Type:


  • Rig:

  • Length:


  • Hull Material:


  • Body of Water:

    Lake Superior

  • Depth min:


  • Depth max:


  • Current:

    0.5-1 Knot

  • Buoy Type:


  • Line Type:

    Nylon - twist

  • Line Size:


  • Buoy Anchor Type:

    Cement - Small

  • SOS Plaque:

  • Notes:

    Advanced level

  • Description:

    Build in 1864 as a gunrunner called 'Admiral D.D. Porter' then eventually renamed 'Howard" in 1889. On June 13 1921, Howard became stranded on a shoal off Victoria Island then caught fire and burned to a total loss. No lives were lost. Most of the wreckage lies in 40' to 60' of water including the steeple compound engine. The propeller is at 50'. Further down the shoal starting at about 100' is what appears to be another wreck of a barge. Locals who have explored further will tell you there is a second wreck deeper but better to leave folklore alone.

Buoy Status Updates

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