Site NameMary E McLachlan

  • Location:

    Mountain Bay Lake Superior / N48°54'39" W87°48'3"

  • Site ID:

  • Organization:

    SOS Superior

  • Record Date:
    February 24, 2018
  • Wreck Type:


  • Rig:


  • Length:


  • Hull Material:


  • Body of Water:

    Lake Superior

  • Depth min:


  • Depth max:


  • Current:

    0.5-1 Knot

  • Buoy Type:

  • Line Type:

  • Line Size:

  • Buoy Anchor Type:

  • SOS Plaque:

  • Notes:

  • Description:

    Built as a huge four masted schooner, the Mary E McLachlan is one of the finest examples of a wreck full of interesting things to see. Visibility is often reduced due to the outflows from two rivers but a trip to this vessel is a local must do. There was no loss of life when the ship foundered.

Buoy Status Updates

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