Site NameMille Roche Power House

  • Location:

    East of Cornwall, near Guidon Park / N45°1'19" W74°49'51"

  • Site ID:


  • Organization:

    SOS Ottawa

  • Record Date:

    May 30,2003

  • Wreck Type:

  • Rig:

  • Length:

  • Hull Material:


  • Body of Water:

    Saint Lawrence

  • Depth min:


  • Depth max:


  • Current:

    1-2 Knots

  • Buoy Type:


  • Line Type:

    Polypro - twist

  • Line Size:


  • Buoy Anchor Type:

    Cage & Rock

  • SOS Plaque:


  • Notes:

    Line tied to iron work for gates.

  • Description:

    Town of Mille Roche was flooded for the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1958. Building torn down, but gates, generators, turbines, aquaducts all still intact. Penetration not recommended.

Buoy Status Updates

Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NOTSHIP# Comment
Mille Roche Power House28/10/2022RemovedNW-C-1913-22 Conical mooring buoy removed for the season by Seaway Valley Divers. Secondary conical buoy deployed there in the spring appears to be missing.
Mille Roche Power House21/05/2022DeployedNW-C-0594-22Two conical mooring buoys deployed for the season by Seaway Valley Divers.
Mille Roche Power House09/10/2021RemovedNW-C-1820-21 Conical buoy removed for the winter.
Mille Roche Power House12/06/2021DeployedNW-C-0846-21Conical buoy deployed by John Mondoux and the Seaway Valley Divers.
Mille Roche Power House18/10/2020RemovedC-2013-20 Conical buoy removed for the winter and replaced with a temporary jug.

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