Site NameSligo

  • Location:

    Humbar Bay, Toronto / N43°36'54" W79°27'5.2812000000001"

  • Site ID:


  • Organization:

    SOS Toronto

  • Record Date:

    June 11,2003

  • Wreck Type:


  • Rig:

    3 masted

  • Length:


  • Hull Material:


  • Body of Water:

    Lake Ontario

  • Depth min:


  • Depth max:


  • Current:

    No Current

  • Buoy Type:


  • Line Type:

    Polypro - twist

  • Line Size:


  • Buoy Anchor Type:

    Cement - Large

  • SOS Plaque:


  • Notes:

    Originally built as the barkentine "Prince of Wales". She was rebuilt in 1874 as a three masted, fore & aft rigged schooner and renamed "Sligo" She was a towed barge at the time of her loss. Sligo sits up right.

  • Description:

    While under tow parted line in a heavy gale on September 5, 1918.

Buoy Status Updates

Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NOTSHIP# Comment
Sligo11/05/2019DeployedNW C-0693-19Neil MacMillan & Peter Sutus REMOVED Overwintering Marker, and PLACED an SOS Orange & White SPAR Buoy e/w Radar Reflector, Flashing Light, & Self-Retracting Pennant
Sligo18/11/2018SwappedC2857/18SWAPPED SOS Orange & White SPAR Buoy e/w Radar Reflector, Flashing Light, & Tagline, for Overwintering Marker (5-Gallon Blue Nylon Jug)
Sligo07/10/2017SwappedC2549/17Replaced SOS Spar Buoy with blue 5 gallon overwintering jug.
Sligo08/05/2016DeployedC647/16REMOVED Temporary Overwintering Marker PLACED Orange & White SPAR Buoy e/w Radar Reflector, Flashing Light, & Tagline.
Sligo01/12/2015RemovedC2744/15Buoy removed for season, placed temporary overwintering marker.

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