Is a virtual AGM allowed?

Due to the pandemic restricting physical proximity, meetings (including the monthly executive and AGM) will be conducted by electronic means.

Telephone Participation. If all the directors of SOS present at or participating in the meeting consent, a meeting of directors may be held by means of such telephone, electronic or other communication facilities as permit all persons participating in the meeting to communicate with each other simultaneously and instantaneously, and a director participating in such meeting by such means is deemed for the purpose of the Act to be present at that meeting.

ByLaw 17

For the purpose of the 2021 AGM, the “Zoom” product will be used.

Due to the pandemic, a motion be put forward to amend By-Law 17 to include any type of meeting, not just meetings of directors.

Using Zoom


to be confirmed with Durrell


Previous AGM Minutesto be supplied by the Secretary
HandbookThe prime purpose of this handbook is to provide Members of the Board, Local Chapter Committee Chairs, the Executive Committee and the general membership with a background of their organization and sufficient knowledge of the SOS program delivery so that each volunteer may best pursue their own area of interest towards preserving Ontario’s marine heritage.
The Handbook also serves as a source of information on SOS and its evolution, and will therefore be of value to anyone interested in learning about our organization, desiring to become involved, or volunteering for one of its many important positions.
Job DescriptionsThe following job descriptions outline some of the basic characteristics and expectations for various positions within SOS. These positions represent leadership roles in SOS and as such, people should be prepared to attend meetings, events and contribute to the overall goals of the organization on a continual basis.
By-lawsApril 10, 2006
PoliciesExpense Reimbursement Policy
SOS Code of Ethics
Privacy Policy

Nominations for the Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors

Durrell Martin

Acting President

Matt Charlesworth


David Taylor


Raimund Krob

Buoy Director

Richard Harvey

Ad Hoc

Chris Phinney

Ad Hoc

John Raso

Web Master

I would like to nominate someone for the Board of Directors