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3/8″ (link wire diameter) galvanized chain with 1/2″ (clearance) inner eye. 1ft = ~9 links. 1ft= ~0.65kgUse from the block up ~6ft with jug to float off the bottom. And from the Buoy down ~4ft as ballast. Cut to length ordered by the foot.This stuff is heavy, so try and get a local source first, because it is going to cost a small fortune to ship.Use with a 7/16″ Shackle (that has a standard 1/2″ pin) – IT WILL FIT. A 1/2″ shackle (with standard 5/8″ pin) will NOT fit.Discount coupons not permitted for buoy items. Prices will be corrected on order submission as appropriate in relation to the price structure.