Over and above completing this Release, SOS Chapters, Members and Registered Volunteers are individually and collectively responsible for knowing, and complying with, all applicable Public Health regulations, protocols, and guidance.


These Liability Release forms only need to be completed once during your membership

Event Organizers

In addition to the above, and effective immediately and until further notice, everyone at SOS (Members and Non-Member Registered Volunteers) is required to complete SOS’ online Communicable Disease Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement (“Release”) for Adults (or Adults for Minors) prior to participating in any in-person SOS or SOS Chapter activities or events. The reason for this requirement is that effective January 1st, 2021, our Insurer ceased covering us for communicable disease lawsuits, thereby leaving all of us with a legal duty of care personally exposed to the potential costs of being sued in a gross negligence communicable disease lawsuit, and having everyone complete the Release should reduce that exposure. The online Release can be completed from any internet-connected device in less than 3 minutes and has already been successfully piloted by the SOS Board, by SOS Toronto Chapter, and by SOS Picton Chapter. Chapter Chairs wishing to see who in their Chapters have, and have not, completed their Releases must send their request to [email protected] and they will be granted “Viewer” access to the securely shared drive containing that information.

Also effective immediately and until further notice, all SOS and SOS Chapters In-Person Event Organizers ad Activities Leaders are required to upload the file (standard version attached) of names and contact information of all participants SOS Contact Tracing Participants Form. This is the same information that SOS and SOS Chapters are already required to complete by Public Health for Contact Tracing purposes, so the only additional effort required is the 2 minutes to complete the form. The reasons for this requirement are twofold 1) the public health requirement to capture participants’ names and contact information, and 2) so that the SOS Board can verify that all participants have signed the Release.

SOS Chapters that have any questions or concerns or suggestions about the above two new requirements are invited to voice them at the next SOS Board Meeting (Wednesday July 7th at 8 p.m.) in which we have set aside time on the Agenda specifically for this purpose.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated understanding and cooperation as we re-open SOS.

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