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What is the NAS Training Program?

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The NAS International Training Program has been delivering courses in nautical archaeology for over 25 years. The program aims to provide not just an introduction to the subject but also to offer people a chance to build their skills and experience, allowing them to take part in projects and fieldwork around the world and perhaps to run their own projects

The Training Program has a modular structure, starting with a one day Introduction Course and working through the Part I, II and III Certificates and finally the Part IV Diploma. The program is open to everybody with the Introduction course requiring no prior learning or qualifications and the program is designed to allow you to become as involved as you like – with courses in a wide range of topics and subject areas within nautical archaeology there is something for everybody!

Contact a Local Chapter nearest you to register interest for a Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) Level 1, 2 or 3 or E-mail us at: [email protected]

NAS is a worldwide recognized certification course with a Certificate Passport

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The NAS Part 1 course is open to 10-24 participants. The schedule can be customized, but includes classroom sessions on Friday evening and Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon we create a “shipwreck” on dry land for the students to survey, on Saturday evening we take our “shipwreck” to the bottom of a swimming pool in confined water. Sunday, students will dive a local site to put their skills to the test on a real shipwreck.

The NAS training program was first developed by the Nautical Archaeology Society to train divers working on the archaeological recording of the Mary Rose, the flagship of King Henry VIII. Today the aim of the programs is to build understanding of marine archaeology and teach people the practical skills they need to work on an underwater archaeology site. You don’t need any previous training or experience – and you don’t have to be a diver to take the course. Non-Divers can participate doing above water work for their team.

In Ontario, NAS training focuses on surveys of underwater sites. The goals of NAS I are:

  1. to introduce basic concepts of marine archaeology;
  2. to introduce underwater mapping and recording techniques;
  3. to provide a hands-on opportunity to develop mapping and recording skills with supervision.

The Nautical Archaeology Society is dedicated to building an interest in our underwater cultural heritage and advancing education in nautical archaeology. It aims to preserve our underwater archaeological heritage by involving everyone – divers and non-divers, scientists, historians and anyone with an interest.

As of February 2009, SOS is the official NAS curriculum provider for the Ontario region.

NAS Introduction & Level 1 (typical schedule)

  • Friday night – Wooden ship building, Site artifacts
  • Saturday morning – Archaeological principles, Artifact research
  • Saturday afternoon – Site mapping, Site history (or Pool)
  • Saturday evening – U/W mapping in Pool (or Site mapping, Site history)
  • Sunday all day – U/W mapping on SCUBA in open water

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