Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NAVWARN# Comment
Mille Roche Power House05/21/2022DeployedConical mooring buoy deployed for the season by Seaway Valley Divers.
Fred Mercur05/11/2022DeployedNW-C-0492-22Conical mooring buoy deployed for the season by John Mondoux.
C. B. Benson05/09/2022DeployedNW-C-0476_22Buoy deployed, new decent line and bottom tag line placed on block off bow
Carlingford05/09/2022DeployedNW-C-0473_22Buoy deployed, decent line cleaned and inspected, new bottom tag line from block installed
George Finnie05/09/2022DeployedNW-C-0477-22Buoy deployed, decent line cleaned & inspected
Niagara05/09/2022DeployedNW-C-0478-22Buoy deeployed, decent line cleaned and inspected
Raleigh05/09/2022DeployedNW-C-0475-22Buoy deployed, new decent line & bottom jug used.
Stone Wreck – JG McGrath05/09/2022DeployedNW-C-0474-22Buoy deployed. Decent line and ground tackle cleaned & inspected.
Rothesay04/09/2022DeployedNW-C-2112-21Spar buoy deployed for the season by Dominique Gingras from EPSO.

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