Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NAVWARN# Comment
Belly Dumper08/14/2023DeployedNW-C-1535-23Conical mooring buoy deployed.
Carlingford08/02/2023DamagedAnyone going to the Carlingford, please take out a small jug with you to attach to the surface tag line. Geoff was out today and said the line is in good shape but the float on the end was no longer floating.
Port Dalhousie/Tiller Wk08/01/2023DeployedNW-C-1426-23New replacement buoy deployed.
Port Dalhousie/Tiller Wk07/18/2023NotbuoyedNW-1292-23Bottom of buoy broke off and it drifted to US side and brought ashore, Will replace with new buoy asap.
Stone Wreck – JG McGrath07/12/2023DamagedOsprey Dive Charters was out to the Stonewreck this weekend and reported that the bottom tag line from block to the wreck is missing or possibly buried. If anyone goes out, please take about 50' of line to replace as it may be several weeks before we can get out there. The wreck is about 40' west of the block. Ian
Eastcliffe Hall06/22/2023DeployedNW-C-1045-23Spar buoy deployed for the season.
Rothesay05/29/2023DeployedNW-C-0804-23Spar buoy deployed for the season by Dominique Gingras.
Fred Mercur05/25/2023DeployedNW-C-0743-23Conical buoy deployed for the season by Seaway Valley Divers.
Mille Roche Power House05/22/2023DeployedNW-C-0674-23Two conical mooring buoys deployed for the season by Seaway Valley Divers.
Carlingford05/13/2023DeployedNW-C-0560-23Buoy deployed for season

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