Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NAVWARN# Comment
Mille Roche Power House06/12/2021DeployedNW-C-0846-21Conical buoy deployed by John Mondoux and the Seaway Valley Divers.
Florence06/12/2021DeployedNW-C-0848-21SOS Picton Chapter, with the assistance of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture, & Sport and the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), deployed an orange-and-white CCG-approved capsule mooring buoy equipped with internal radar reflector, flashing yellow lantern, and self-retracting mooring pennant onto the 5,000lb (dry-weight) mooring block. The tagline runs 120' / 40m in a north-westerly direction from the block to the Florence. SOS Picton also removed the old legacy mooring line that was previously attached to the Florence's Boiler.
Lyman Davis06/10/2021RemovedTraining only
Olive Branch06/10/2021Removedtraining
Alexandria06/10/2021Removed NCT-56-4321TRAINGING TEST
Olive Branch06/10/2021Removed#NC4-TR-1234updated
P. B. Locke06/06/2021DeployedNW-C-0796-21Replaced overwintering marker with CCG-approved SOS spar buoy equipped with internal radar reflector, flashing yellow lantern, and self-retracting mooring pennant. Replaced worn yellow polypropylene mooring line with new polysteel mooring line. Replaced worn eye-splice in mooring pennant. This shipwreck site is subject to recreational fishing traffic so divers should be on the lookout, and avoid, fishing tackle caught in the mooring.
Rothesay05/21/2021DeployedNW-C-0648-21Spar buoy deployed by Dominique Gingras from EPSO and Stephan Senecal from the 1000 Islands Chapter.
Fred Mercur04/26/2021DeployedNW-C-0431-21 Conical mooring buoy deployed by John Mondoux from Seaway Valley Divers.
Julia B. Merrill04/05/2021DeployedNW-C-0284-21The mooring line on the Julia B. Merrill often gets overgrown with dark-green algae. SOS Toronto Chapter would appreciate it if divers using this line on descent and ascent helped us keep this line clean. Also, if you get to the block and notice that the 5-gallon block chain lift jug is missing, is wrapped around the mooring line, or is less than 100% full of air, please notify us at [email protected] Thank you.

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