Toronto NAS Intro and Part 1 Info

NAS Intro and Part 1 Course

Thank you for expressing your interest in the Nautical Archaeology Society’s (NAS) Introduction and
Part I Certificate in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology. For more information about the NAS
program, please visit the NAS website at

DATE: Friday June 14 (evening) to Sunday June 16th, 2013

VENUE: Iroguois Park Anne Ottenbrite Pool
500 Victoria Street, W,
Whitby, ON
(905) 668-7765

This is the venue for both the classroom, outdoor field work and pool.

The open water location (Sunday) will be announced on the first day of class dependent on access, weather conditions, etc.


There is an online ticket / registration system in place. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal (Note: Paypal not required).
Register for the course by purchasing a ticket here;

*REMINDER You must be an SOS member with OUC insurance in order to attend this course!!
Not a member? Visit our registration page and don’t forget to purchase your OUC membership and insurance package.

$199.00 –Course Fee
$ 25.00 –SOS Membership Fee
$ 30.00 –OUC Membership and Insurance Fee
$254.00 –Total for non member

This course is open to ALL SOS members/ OW certified divers .

All participants must bring their own dive gear (including tanks and weights). You should also bring:
• One tank for Saturday’s pool session and two tanks Sunday’s survey dives. Students are
responsible for getting their own air fill.
• Your scuba certification card.
• A notebook. This is for taking notes to take home at the end of the course. We will provide
booklets for the field notes and sketches that are required for your NAS certification and that
must be submitted before you leave on Sunday. These booklets will need to be submitted to
receive your certification.
• Other: drinking water, towel, lawn chair, sunglasses, sun block, hat, cash for meals, snacks.
We will provide the specialized equipment you need for the course, such as tape measures, dive slates,
drafting sets, and waterproof paper.

The site we will be surveying on Sunday will be determined on Friday night. We will provide
maps to the site during the course.

All meals are your responsibility.

A certified dive master and a safety diver will be at the site during Sunday’s open water dives. We will
also have oxygen and a first aid kit on site.

The classroom, land training, and pool sessions on Friday evening and Saturday will be held at the
Iroguois Park Anne Ottenbrite Pool. The open water training on Sunday will take place at a site to be
determined. We will provide maps and directions during the course.

There are three goals for this weekend:
1. to introduce you to the concepts and ethics that are the foundation of archaeology,
2. to introduce you to underwater mapping and recording techniques,
3. to provide you with an opportunity to develop mapping and recording skills under supervision.

Friday (Iroguois Park Anne Ottenbrite Pool)
06:30 PM Assemble, registration, paperwork, brief introductions
07:15 Introduction to SOS and NAS
07:30 Case Study: TBD
8:00 Introduction to Ships and Ship Construction
09:00 End of Day 1

Saturday (Iroguois Park Anne Ottenbrite Pool)
09:00 AM Introduction to the Scope of Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology
09:20 Site Types and Basic Dating Methods
10:00 Dealing with Finds
10:15 Break
10:30 Area Search and Survey Methods (Diver and Geophysical Methods)
10:50 Diving Safety
11:10 Underwater Survey: Fundamentals, Principals and Techniques
11:50 Connect the Dots
12:00 Lunch
01:00 PM Dry Practical Survey
02:00 Scale
02:10 Drawing Up Survey Results
02:40 Underwater Finds: Rights and Responsibilities
03:00 Field Notes
03:15 Post Field Work Activity
03:45 Pool Briefing and Preparation of Material
04:00 Pool Practical Survey
06:00 Dinner Break
07:00 Drawing Up Session and Debriefing
08:00 Intro to 3D Survey
09:00 End of Day 2

Sunday (Site to be Determined)
09:00 AM Open Water Dive, Survey and Field Notes
05:00 PM Approximate closing time. Actual time will vary depending on location, conditions and class readiness.

Field notes and maps are to be submitted before leaving on Sunday evening. It is much better to get
this out of the way while there is someone available to help you.

SOS thanks each of you for your interest in marine archaeology and the NAS program. A considerable amount of organization and planning goes into each course, and it is hoped that everyone will enjoy
and benefit from the weekend to the fullest.

The NAS course curriculum covers a lot of material in a small amount of time, so please allow some flexibility if the course exceeds the proposed schedule.

Don’t forget to thank the people who are volunteering their time to coordinate and facilitate the course!

The course is taught on a non-profit basis and 100% of your registration fees are used to pay for the course facilities or to support SOS activities.

Course fee is non refundable except in the event that the entire course is cancelled by SOS.

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