Under Water Sculpture Park – First in Canada! Brockville Centeen Park – Dive Tokens

Save Ontario Shipwrecks (SOS) 1000 Islands Chapter & The City of Brockville announce Diver Friendly improvements to Centeen Memorial Dive Park, Brockville. 3-May-2015

Three (3) new diver friendly benches (designed specifically to accommodate divers & their gear), will be placed in Centeen Memorial Dive Park. In addition another 6 sculptures for the underwater park have been placed and a 2nd underwater training platform installed.

This investment in Diver Friendly infrastructure has cost SOS 1000 Islands & City of Brockville with the help of some valuable sponsors in excess of $6500.00!

In addition, The Thousand Islands Chapter of SOS has partnered with the City of Brockville to improve the dive experience at Centeen Park. We firmly believe that facility improvements (above water & below) specifically designed for divers to improve the dive experience should be paid for by divers, not the taxpayer’s of Brockville.

So, SOS 1000 Islands Chapter & the City of Brockville have created an annual diving token with the intent to charge a nominal user fee for diving activities at Centeen Park. This dive token also makes an excellent souvenir of your diving experience in Brockville, “Home of the Best Fresh Water Diving in the World!”

The annual $10.00 fee is a small price to pay for unlimited access to this excellent diving resource. Seventy percent (70%) of the proceeds from the sale of these tokens will go directly to the City of Brockville solely to upgrade the facilities at Centeen Park to enhance the diver experience. Thirty percent (30%) of the proceeds from the sale of these tokens will go to SOS 1000 Islands to maintain, improve and expand the newly created Centeen Memorial Dive Park and underwater Sculpture Park.

If the dive community wants to see continued improvements at Centeen Park including extended bathroom access and improved parking (we asked the City to move parking to the south side (no driveways) and they did, improving it by, saving divers crossing the street and adding 11 more spots). Then the dive community needs to support and promote the new Centeen Park Dive Token program.

If the dive community wants to see more sculptures, buy a token to support it. Long term plans include change facilities, a second set of stairs and improvements to the parking situation.

The 2018 Dive Token will be purple and now include the year.
See attached graphic image below.

Centeen dive tokens can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Dive Brockville Adventure Center – 12 Water Street East Brockville ON
  • Dive Tech Training Center – Mallorytown ON
  • Divers Warehouse – Ottawa ON
  • Sharkey’s Scuba Supply – Ottawa ON
  • Kanata Diving Supply – Kanata ON
  • Scuba Surface – Repentigny QC
  • Deco Stop Outdoor Centre Inc. – Lancaster ON
  • Centre de plongée Nepteau – Montreal QC
  • SubAqua Tech – Saint-Hubert QC
  • ÉPSO (École de plongée sous-marine de l’Outaouais) – Gatineau QC
  • Boutique Aqua Service – Joliette QC
  • Scuba Finatics – Greely ON
  • Aqua Plein Air – Sté-Thérèse QC
  • Dive Kawartha Inc. – Lindsay ON
  • We Go Down – Ottawa ON
  • CFB Kingston Dolphin Scuba Club
  • La Scubathèque Quebec QC
  • SOS Thousand Islands Chapter Members

SOS Thousand Islands believe that with the support of the dive community, City of Brockville, Save Ontario Shipwrecks, that Centeen Memorial Dive Park can become a world class dive destination which will relieve some of the diving pressure on the areas fragile shipwrecks.

For continued updates on progress, please refer to http://CenteenPark.ca (webmaster: this page)

Photos Copyright 2014 Roy Letts – Used with permission.

Centeen Park
Water Street Brockville Ontario
44° 35′ 29.7852″ N, 75° 40′ 40.9224″ W

See map: Google Maps

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