Happy New Year and Reminders for 2015

Good day chapter chairs and members,

Welcome to 2015! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your service in 2014 and remind you of the administrative items that need to happen early in the year.

As per our bylaws, please hold a chapter meeting as soon as possible to determine the 2015 chapter executive. This process should be open and transparent. Anyone who currently holds a position can volunteer to stay in the position or step down. If more than one person wishes to occupy the same position, a chapter vote must be held. If you require any assistance with this, please let me know.

As soon as this first meeting is done and any new chapter executives are elected, please notify the president with the details so we can update records accordingly.

Once again, thanks to you and your chapters for all the amazing work done in 2014. Your dedication to Ontario’s marine heritage is commendable and appreciated. All the best in 2015. There will be a notice coming out shortly with the details of the annual extended board meeting in Toronto.

cc: Website, Facebook Group


Chris Phinney
President / Executive Director / Sr. NAS Tutor
Save Ontario Shipwrecks
Saving Shipwrecks Through Education