Site Name Record Date Buoy Status NAVWARN# Comment
Henry C. Daryaw (north)07/26/2021Deployed
Henry C. Daryaw (south)07/26/2021Deployed
Muscallonge (bow)07/22/2021Deployed
Robert Gaskin, Bow Mooring07/22/2021Deployed
Robert Gaskin, Stern Mooring07/22/2021Deployed
Lillie Parsons07/22/2021Deployed
Muscallonge (stern)07/22/2021RemovedPlastic winter jug is gone, mooring line is lying at the bottom, need to retrieve it and attach the SPAR buoy to it.
Annie Falconer07/20/2021Updated
Test – John07/19/2021CheckedTesting to ensure status is associated to the buoy correctly.
Olive Branch07/17/2021DeployedDeployed SOS buoy for the summer.

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