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The goal of the Thousand Islands Chapter of Save Ontario Shipwrecks is to promote the preservation of our local shipwrecks and promote low impact diving so that all may enjoy them.  We make these local shipwrecks safely accessible through the placement of Coast Guard approved mooring buoys.  Our local volunteers work tirelessly on improving the diving and training facilities at Centeen Park, the maintenance of site moorings and the occasional lecture to promote the SOS mission.

In 2014 SOS Thousand Islands Charter created the Centeen Memorial Dive Park, where new divers can practice their skills and master buoyancy before exploring the fragile shipwrecks.  With the purchase of a $10 annual dive token, divers can enjoy Canada’s first underwater sculpture, currently home to 31 exhibits.

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Thinking about summer time? Want to explore Lake Superior and experience a new camping location!? Well then join for our weekend extravaganza at the GORGEOUS Porphery Island from July 27th…

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NAS Project Leadership Workshop 2022

The long awaited Project Leadership Workshop is finally becoming a reality! For those who want to do more with your NAS training and lead projects, this is the workshop for…

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  • Tom Scott

    Chapter Chair
  • Stephen Hatch

    Chapter Treasurer
  • Stephan Senecal

    Chapter Buoys
  • Stephan Senecal

    Chapter Chair
  • Nathalie Landry

    Chapter Secretary

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    Save Ontario Shipwrecks gratefully acknowledge the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Culture Programs Unit and our many sponsors for their support. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Culture.